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 Academy Rules

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PostSubject: Academy Rules   Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:57 pm

DUA Rules must be followed under any conditions. Any breaking in the rules will make its causer to face strict punishments. Here are some Rules that you must read and follow before making any actions in the Academy like: Posting Replies,Opening threads and Polls, Dueling to earn SDC,.... etc.

1-Before posting any replies please read the replies before you so that you dont repeat.
2-No single word answers and replies like:Hi,Right,HRU.... etc.
3-No posting 2+ times in a row. Please edit your last post.
4-No Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person.
5-Never embarrass any other member in public. If anyone was caught embarrassing another member he will be strictly punished.
6-Dont make a whole topic for chatting in your dorms. There will be a forum for chatting. (about kcvds or about anything else).
7-If there is a competion or tourny please dont post in a wrong place that wasnt made for it.
8-After Registration and you wanted to take a test, please dont keep nagging that you want to take the test quickly.
9-After Taking the exam from one tester, please dont spam or nag that you want to Change your grade or anything. (Read the tester's Rules for more info.)
10-Never ask any member for his real name or age or country or if he was a male or a female.
11- Never use this forum as a tool to go out on dates on be on a relationship.
12-No Double usernames. (Anyone caught making that, he will be banned.
(If you want to change the username please pm an Admin in this form:

Name of the existed username:
Name of the new username that u want:

Anyone that was offended or saw a spamming happened please pm an Admin immediatly having this Form:

Name of the sender:
Name of the spammer:

When dueling in any section in this Academy NO BANNED cards are allowed..... NO Burn decks are allowed too.

Anyone that was busted making any of these actions will be Punished seriously.
1st warning: Ban for 2 days/Dont join the coming tourny or competion.
2nd warning: Ban for 4 days and downgrade to Blackrose (if he is already a Blackrose his DUC will be taken)
3rd warning: Ban for 2 weeks.
4th warning: Ban IP and username.
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Gadget Team Leader
Gadget Team Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Rules   Tue Apr 13, 2010 4:01 pm

karimgh wrote:

3-No posting 2+ times in a row. Please edit your last post.
10-Never ask any member for his real name or age or country or if he was a male or a female.

well i have a question, forumotion itself used the rule about double posting, but its kinda different, in forumotion the rule is:
"do not post 2 times within 24 hours" and i used it too (even had the same as dua earlier) because it stops members from their activity, and editing posts wont announce your post and noone will know that u edited, so just this thing nothing much, itll rise duas activity too for 1 percent hehe Smile

the other one, well why is that banned, if i ask some member, he could simply say, i dont want to answer and stuff, so no need to make a rule about this Smile

(i do not have a problem with the rule you made)

No meter what, no meter how, I know I'll make it though somehow!!!
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Yuri Bakura
DUTD 2nd Runner-Up
DUTD 2nd Runner-Up

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Rules   Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:02 pm

I don't have time to edit it LOL, left me the only one admin so ... you know xD

I will edit it tomorrow, thanks for your alert. And if you find out other thing wrong please tell me, i cannot look mistake one by one xD

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PostSubject: Re: Academy Rules   

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Academy Rules
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