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 DarkNite V 1.1 *Updated*

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Stardust Cyan
Stardust Cyan

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PostSubject: DarkNite V 1.1 *Updated*   Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:22 am


Hello all once again

This time I have another deck I was fiddling around with and wanted peoples opinions on, but also a Tad bit of help from people more used to combo oriented decks.

~Deck Idea~

The idea behind this deck came from a vid I seen of someone running a nitro synchron type deck..which ran alot like rescue cat synchro. Well I wanted to try a varient based on that...but use a different engine to power it, and this is more less what I came up with:P

~Deck Recipe~

Monsters ( 18 )

Dark World, Broww X2
Dark World, Sillva X2 *updated*
Dark World, Goldd X3
Nitro Synchron X3
Fabled Raven X2 *updated*
Dandy X2
Morphing Jar X1
Mask of Darkness X2 *updated*

Magics ( 12 )

Dark World Dealings X3
Card Destruction X1
Allure of Darkness X1
Lightning Vortex X1 *updated*
Heavy Storm X1
Magic Planter X2
Pot of Avarice X2

Traps ( 10 )

Mirror Force X1
Torrential Tribute X1
Depth Amulet X2
Limit Reverse X3
Reckless Greed X3 *updated*

Total: 40

~Deck Strategy~

I made this deck to run similar to how the rescue cat synchro deck works. Of course the difference is I use the Dark World Engine. Also I make use of Nitro synchron to make his sync for Nitro Warrior a easy -0 instead of the usual -1.

The deck in theory from testing has a fair amount of synergy..but figuring out the correct balance and better tech choices is still in search.

I do have various combo's in the deck as it sits now, But wondering if the lack of monster destruction can be offset by the synchro's I pull out.

~Deck Changes~

Open for any at the moment. I would like feedback from people familiar with more combo heavy decks or rescue cat decks..to kinda correlate how my deck can run similar with the Hybrids I'm using.


I'll continue to try out different strategies and deck types like always, but I just want to say thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my deck info and more importantly; Offer any help for improvement.
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DarkNite V 1.1 *Updated*
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