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 KC updates

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Blackrose Violet Leader
Blackrose Violet Leader

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PostSubject: KC updates   KC updates Icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 2:13 am

so any one who has the update downloaded or had it done automatically knows that there are some cards that have no pic here is the list i made of them

and on page 79 there is a card that has no name or picture

Battle Fader
advance force
aline brain
ascendding soul
black potan
break draw
call of the reaper
cards of consonance
changing destiny
consecrated light
core blast
cyber dragon zweidark
dark bug
destruct potion
djinn cursenchanter of rituals
djinn prognosticator of rituals
dragon queen of tragic endings
drill synchron
drill warrior
fiendish chain
fire ant ascator
forgotten temple of the deep
garlandoff, king of destruction
gravekeeper's descendant
gravekeeper's stele
gravekeeper's visionary
informer spider
inverse universe
iron core specimen lab
koa'ki meiru urnight
liar wire
machine assembly line
machine king - b.c.3000
magic hole golem
majestic red dragon
meteor flare
moon dragon quilla
nature's reflection
orge of the scarlet shadow
oracle of the sun
pot of benevolence
power invader
power pickaxe
power supplier
reptilianne gardna
reptilianne naga
reptilianne rage
reptilianne servant
reptilianne vaskii
ritual cage
ritual of destruction
rocket pilder
rose fairy
saber hole
sacrifice of honor
serpent suppression
spider's lair
sun dragon inti
sword master
synchro control
temple of the sun
the beginning of the end
tuner's scheme
variety comes out
viper's rebirth
weeping idol
widespread dud
witch of the black rose
xx-saber garsem
xx-saber hyunlei

that is all of them i found hope it helps and by the way this took me forever to do lol

KC updates Vhoan
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Stardust Cyan
Stardust Cyan

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PostSubject: Re: KC updates   KC updates Icon_minitimeFri Mar 26, 2010 7:22 am

Hopefully most of the cards get fixed by tmr, since Seto said he would work on them when he gets him or the next day. Is alot of cards atm that are either black or don't show up correctly.

I'm just glad they added all they did; wasn't expecting that.

P.S- In relation to a similar thread posted on by Yuri; I guess it is good to be greedy; got your wish:P
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KC updates
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