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 Card Making Competition Rules And Helps

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Yuri Bakura
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DUTD 2nd Runner-Up
Yuri Bakura

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PostSubject: Card Making Competition Rules And Helps   Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:43 am

DUA Create a Card Competition!

Rules Of 22-Feb-2010 to Now

Welcome to the Card of the Week Competition! Here the duelists submit a personally designed card and the members of BC will vote on who they think produced the best card. The Top 3 Duelists will receive a DUA prize.

Details of the Competition:
The competition starts with the announcement of the theme, and the contestants have five days to post their cards. The next day consists of the members of DUA voting on the cards, and then finally the last day is for the announcement of the winner and of the next theme.

The General Schedule will be:
- Monday - Friday: Criteria Announcement and Card Submissions.
- Saturday: Voting
- Sunday: Announcement of the Winners + Announcement of the Next Theme

General Rules:
Card Submissions:
- Your cards must fit the criteria of the week.
- Please use yugiohcardmaker.net, or another program you feel comfortable using to produce your card. You may have text written to the side for clarifications.
- You must create the card after the criteria is announced. No pre-existing user created cards may be used.
- You are NOT allowed to change your already submitted card to a whole different one after seeing the others' cards. If you did it once you will be warned, again and you will be punished.
- If your first entry did not follow the criteria for the week, you will be notified are are allowed to edit your post. You are only allowed to do this once. If you are unable to follow the rules the second time your entry will not qualify.
- If you are banned your entry/vote will not count.
- You must include the [img]code and/or direct link below your entry, if you fail to do so your entry will not qualify.
- Please keep submissions appropriate.
- When voting, you may provide a reason for your vote but it is not mandatory.
- You may not vote for yourself and you are expected to vote on the card, not the person making the card.
- There must be at least four entries in order for voting to begin.
- If you are pushing someone to vote for you, you will be punished! (Members if you are being pushed to vote please let let me know about it, you'll remain anonymous).
- One person may vote up to three times. The first vote is worth 5 points, the second is worth 3, and the third is worth 1.
- If you participate in a competition you must vote. If you do not vote, your entry will not be counted when the votes are tallied.
- You are not allowed to edit your already submitted vote unless I made a mistake with the entries, in that case, I will post saying you may edit your vote. Think carefully when voting.
- You are NOT allowed to 'hold a place' for your entry, it's unfair to those that already have their entries created, there really is no point, just post you entry when you have it finished.
- Do NOT post here unless you are voting or submitting an entry, if you have a question, PM me, or if you want to congratulate a member, PM them.
- The theme can never be more than two cards per entry, in other words, no sets are allowed.
- In the Case of a Tie: If there is ever a tie in any of the places (1st, 2nd, or 3rd), other moderator and I will announce who will become the winner.

You may use this in your votes:



1st Place: 300 DUA Credits + 60 Exp
2nd Place: 200 DUA Credits + 40 Exp
3rd Place: 100 DUA Credits + 20 Exp

When voting, you can base your votes off this:

1. Picture/Image: How well the image quality is, how well it goes with the name, or how creative it looks.
2. Name: How creative the name is or how well it goes with the image.
3. Spelling/Grammar: If it has few or no mistakes, and how much it sounds like that of real Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.
4. Effect/Description: How balanced the effect is overall or how creative the description is.

Be aware that all spammers' posts will be deleted and/or may be punished for not following the rules above and/or the DUA Rules.

Notice: Rules may be subject to change at any time.

If you have any questions about anything related to the competition - please, feel free to PM me, don't post your questions here.


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Card Making Competition Rules And Helps
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