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 X-saber deck 1.0

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Stardust Cyan
Stardust Cyan

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PostSubject: X-saber deck 1.0   Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:22 pm

Here is my current x-saber decklist. Feel free to suggest changes
X-saber deck 1.0
Xx-saber gottoms x2
Stardust dragon x2
Red dragon archfiend
X-saber urbellum x3
Black rose dragon
Brionac dragon of the ice barrier
Goyo guardian
Xx-saber hyunlei
Ally of justice catastor
Magical android
Armory arm
       Monsters: (20)
X-saber airbellum x3
X-saber fulhelmknight x3
Xx-saber faultroll x3
Xx-saber ragigura x2
Xx-saber gardestrike
Xx-saber emmersblade x3
X-saber Galahad
Rescue cat
Ryko, lightsworn hunter x2
       Spell: (Cool
One for one
Mystical space typhoon
Heavy storm
Foolish burial
Mind control
Brain control
Saber slash
Lightning vortex
       Traps: (12)
Gottom's emergency call x2
Bottomless trap hole x2
Torrential tribute
Saber hole x3
Mirror force
Dark bribe
Threatening roar x2
Legendary jujitsu master
Card trooper
Gottom's emergency call
Card destruction
Hand destruction
Book of moon x2

it seems to me like a decent build, but i've lost to blackroses with it, so advice would be welcome
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X-saber deck 1.0
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