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 Tino The Sinner's Testing Office

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Tino The Sinner
Tino The Sinner

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PostSubject: Tino The Sinner's Testing Office   Tino The Sinner's Testing Office Icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 3:07 pm

Hello my name is Tino, I am an official Tester for Dueling Universe Academy.
If you need to get tested just join our official Hamachi Network.

HAM: DUA Tester Zone
PASS: none

You need three different decks to take the test. Just relax and have fun during the duel.

- Blackwings
- Lightsworns ( Twilight too )
- Synchro Cat
- Norleras
- Burn
- Stall
- Exodia
- Macro

After the test I will ask three questions about rulings.
GOOD LUCK on the test.
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Tino The Sinner's Testing Office
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