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 Scapegoat Article

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PostSubject: Scapegoat Article   Thu May 27, 2010 2:38 pm

~ Scape Goat Article ~

Well today i want to talk about his cars that saved my ass lot off times and i can probably say that it is one off my favorite spell in the game. Scapegoat is not a staple card because in the format we are playing right now, we don't really need defensive spell cards. Most of the decks only use those BTH, Mirror Force and T.T as defensive traps and that's it, all the rest of the decks is oriented to the offensive play. Well Scape goat tend to be called a Defensive card because of his principal aspect " Save your ass when your field presence get away and you can stop your opponent from OTK with it and win 1-2 or even 3 turns some times Depending on the situation. That's use to be the main purpose of scapegoat 3 years ago but tha game has changed. Since the release of the synchros Scapegoat is not tagged as a defensive spell no more, now Scape goat have an offensive aspect. You can stop your opponent during his battle phase, then you can use the remaining tokens for a synchro summon during your main phase ( that's only a simple example ). In this article we will see Why scapegoat is still seen in some decks, why some people like it and how to use it.

~ First of all lets analyze this card ~

Quick-play : this card is chainable and this is maybe the most important aspect of the card. The possibilities to chain it in a duel are big, You can use it as bluff to lure a Heavy storm or a MST which are vital cards for player, you can start combos with it ... etc

Effect : Special Summon 4 "Sheep Tokens" (Beast-Type/EARTH/Level 1/ATK 0/DEF 0) in Defense Position.

One of the most important things during a duel is the field presence. In order to kill your opponent you need to have access to his life points. One way to prevent that from happening is the field presence. This card don't block 1 attack nor 2 attacks, it can block up to 4 attacks. 1 turn in a yugioh duel can make a big difference. Sometimes you lose and you look at your next card and realize that if you could have gain 1 more turn, you would have win the duel. Field presence it not everything in yugioh, the art of bluffing to lure devastating cards such as Heavy storm can make a big difference too. A well placed heavy storm at a critical moment of the duel can give the chance to a player to capitalize and you don't want that to happen to your opponent. So a passive player can have heavy storm in 1st hand and keep it for that crucial moment. when he do it and you had scapegoat face down, I don't need to say to you that you just ruined all his plan. He cant game no more in that turn and not even that, he wasted an heavy storm ( I cant even count how many players wants to kill me because of that Move XD ) and you win that turn that can probably lead you to win.

The Draw Back : If you activate this card, you cannot Summon other monsters this turn. The "Sheep Tokens" cannot be used as a Tribute for a Tribute Summon (or Set).

~ Defensive aspect : Lets begin with the defensive aspect of this card. We already checked the drawback of this card so we know that the best way to get advantage of its by activate it during your opponent's turn. Scapegoat is basically a OTK stopper but when used wisely this card can give you field advantage, field control and hand advantage. What a versatile card don't you think ? But for now we will stick with the defensive and how to use it

~ OTK Stopper : Like I said before, a player that think he have game in a strategic moment of the game, will always have what he need to clear your backrow. That can be done with Heavy Storm, MST or the nastiest OTK monster Brionac !!! What makes this card a powerful otk stopper is his ability to be chained. Sometimes a player will not even care if he have a backrow when he wants to game and he will play heavy storm, at that specific moment if you chain scapegoat, you don't just screw his plan but scape goat becomes a 1 for 4 card. and he go rid of his traps himself ( this is kinda situational ) . Now there is another way to start OTK's and that the most common is Brionac. The main way to synchro during a duel is with monster that are already on your field and that make synchro monsters a -1 for card advantage and field advantage at the moment of the synchro. Now brionac main purpose during a OTK is to clean your field ( monsters, backrow or BOTH if needed ) when he discard a card to bounce your facedown scapegoat brio becomes a -2 for him and + 4 for you ! Isn't this one of the Nastiest situations for an aggressive player ? He wont waste the rest of his hand to kill goat tokens. This is how you get the field advantage with goats .

~ Bluff and Lure : The oldest way to use Scapegoat and a good one Wink Heavy storm and Lightning vortex are 2 of the cards you don't want to place on good targets so you can use Scapegoat to lure them ( force their activation ) when you do that, you are also testing your opponnent's patience, a player who lose his patience quick tend to waste his hand quick, that's exactly what you want to do with scapegoat, make him lose patience. 1st in your backrow and then on the field. Goat tokens can really be annoying sometimes and you can be surprise to see how players are desperate to take them away. You can see a vortex go for them, sometimes a Caius, Even a DAD. That's how you get rid of threats now we will see how to turn to the offense with Scapegoat

~ Offensive Aspect :

Field Advantage and Control: Like I said before, Field Presence is crucial in Yugioh. The field presence is what makes your life points less accessible to your opponent and you don't want them to reach 0. Many players don't consider goat tokens as field advantage but they are wrong here. Scapegoat is usually use in late game during a duel during a crucial moment moment of the game where you need to protect your lifepoints because you don't have that much at that moment. Something very important to note is that players that use scapegoat in their decks have one of many of this cards in their decks

- Enemy Controller
- Creature Swap
- Emergency Teleport
- Cyber Valley ( Draw Power and goes in hand advantage not field )

those are just the most common cards to run with scape goat we will see more later. Those cards makes use of the goats for something else than stop OTK's. They can even be use to Create OTK's after stop one. Kinda cool huh ? Well lets explain how it is done

Well now that we learned how to use Scapegoat defensively we will learn what to do with the remaining tokens on the field. Usually when you stopped an OTK, your opponent have some powerful monsters on the field such as Brionac, or Goyo, or DaD if your lucky. When those monsters are on the field, usually your opponent don't have a big hand and his field is oriented to the offense so you wont encounter many obstacles to switch to offense. Note that you were defending last turn and you didn't wasted nothing so you should have a good size of hand and some options. This is when Enemy controller and Creature Swap comes into play. You will use the same monster your opponent used to try to OTK you and use them to create your own OTK ! When your opponent doesn't have those OTK creators on the field you can always use your own tuners after stealing your opponents monster to bring them on the field or simply use Emergency teleport to bring Krebons or another psychic tuner. If you didn't manage to created an OTK, at least you should have a better field that your opponent. That's how scapegoat can create a field advantage and field control.

Some decks are even taking this advantage further. The best example I can give right now is the frog deck. Frog Decks use those sheep tokens as a tribute for Substitoad effect and special summon 4 more frogies on the field with it in 1 turn. The frog swarm is one of the most annoying swarm in the Yugioh game ( even more annoying than Gadgets ) and they can do all this in 1 turn with those scapegoats. So now I think nobody will say that scapegoat cant bring you field advantage.

This are some cards that can benefit of Scapegoat swarming effect

- Destiny Hero Plasma
- Plague Spreader Zombie
- Canon Soldier ( 2500 burn or even 3000 with a plague in the grave )
- Black Ilusion ritual
- Metamorphosis ( haha an old school combo with thousand eyes restrict but the are both baned now Sad )
- Quickdraw Synchron

Well these are just some exemples you can do with scapegoat. The possiblilities are just so big i am kinda lazy to take it further XD. I think you have enought information now to run this spell card. Post your coments on this article Cool

Albert Einstein Said "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

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Scapegoat Article
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