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 Lots of mouvement in the academy recently

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Lots of mouvement in the academy recently Left_bar_bleue109/130Lots of mouvement in the academy recently Empty_bar_bleue  (109/130)
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Lots of mouvement in the academy recently Empty
PostSubject: Lots of mouvement in the academy recently   Lots of mouvement in the academy recently Icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 11:39 pm

I Wana thank all the people that worked hard on this academy especialy our admins that keep working on this academy to make this place a fun place for everyone. Running an academy its harder than it looks and the reason why this academy survived its because we have people working hard every day and i want to incitate people to help us with recruitment. we want more players in this academy to organise a lot of events so the more people we have. the more events we will make for u all. Thx to everybody for their support and i wana give specail thanks to

Yuri Bakura and Karimgh: they worked really hard and we really apreciate ur work guys
Vongola-x: he is always there and he is doing a greath job testing people he is
JaliceDakari: Thx with the help on the the Down Town Domino forum bro I Realy apreciate and i think the members realy apreciate watching us sharing techs Cool
Jesse Anderson: was out for a bit but he is always welcoming the new members and that gives a good image of our academy thx a lot

plz everybody keep recruiting members and we will make this place the best academy Cool

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Lots of mouvement in the academy recently Scorpioncopy
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Lots of mouvement in the academy recently
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