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 [Complete] Terpolari Results

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Male Posts : 686
DUA Points : 3739
Reputation : 9
Age : 33
Join date : 2010-02-16
Location : Montreal, Quebec Canada

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Duelist Level: 4
[Complete] Terpolari Results Left_bar_bleue109/130[Complete] Terpolari Results Empty_bar_bleue  (109/130)
Win - Lose: 36- 6

[Complete] Terpolari Results Empty
PostSubject: [Complete] Terpolari Results   [Complete] Terpolari Results Icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 3:28 pm

Tester : Scorpion67
Tested Member : Terpolari

Decks Used :

Scorpion67 : Chaos - Town Drain - Dark Plants
Terpolari : GB's - E-Heroe - Monarch Control

Result : 12/17

Deck Build :3/5

You really need to work on your E-Hero deck. the deck was kinda slow and I saw some random cards i dont like in your GB. you need to work on those decks

Knowledge : 3/5

I saw some mistakes so i need to take points out like you forgot to remove ur monster after a BTH and you forgot that Zaborg effect is not optional.

Strategy :4/5

I'm being generous here because the main idea in your deck was there but you are not using the best cards to reach the goal so you need to learn a bit about deck building.

Attidute :2/2

Talkative and a very cool guy

Tested Member's Points : 12/17
Tested Member's Dorm : Red Archfiend

Comments From Tester :

I Think you can learn a lot being in archfiend, the level of archfiend is average and i know you have the skills to compete against them so I hope you like ur rank Cool

Albert Einstein Said "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

[Complete] Terpolari Results Scorpioncopy

Last edited by Scorpion67 on Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:27 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Archfiend Red
Archfiend Red

Male Posts : 15
DUA Points : 215
Reputation : 0
Join date : 2010-03-27

Duelist Information
Duelist Level: 1
[Complete] Terpolari Results Left_bar_bleue25/100[Complete] Terpolari Results Empty_bar_bleue  (25/100)
Win - Lose: 3 - 5

[Complete] Terpolari Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Complete] Terpolari Results   [Complete] Terpolari Results Icon_minitimeTue Mar 30, 2010 4:13 pm

Yeah i think you are right scorpion! Both my GB's and the E-hero deck need quite a lot of fixing.So i will do my best in order to improve not only my decks but myself as a duelist too!

P.S. : Next time you are mine scorpion Smile
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Yuri Bakura
DUTD 2nd Runner-Up
DUTD 2nd Runner-Up
Yuri Bakura

Male Posts : 560
DUA Points : 3244
Reputation : 21
Age : 24
Join date : 2009-12-22
Location : Malaysia, KL

Duelist Information
Duelist Level: 2
[Complete] Terpolari Results Left_bar_bleue99/110[Complete] Terpolari Results Empty_bar_bleue  (99/110)
Win - Lose: 14 - 12

[Complete] Terpolari Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Complete] Terpolari Results   [Complete] Terpolari Results Icon_minitimeWed Mar 31, 2010 9:59 am

Result Accepted At 31/MAR/2010

Terpolari Entered Archfiend Red

Terpolari can Re-Test At 30/April/2010

[Complete] Terpolari Results Yuribakura
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[Complete] Terpolari Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Complete] Terpolari Results   [Complete] Terpolari Results Icon_minitime

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[Complete] Terpolari Results
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