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 [Complete] liljay003's results

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DUTD Runner-Up
DUTD Runner-Up

Male Posts : 475
DUA Points : 3561
Reputation : 5
Age : 28
Join date : 2010-02-20

Duelist Information
Duelist Level: 3
[Complete] liljay003's results Left_bar_bleue78/120[Complete] liljay003's results Empty_bar_bleue  (78/120)
Win - Lose: 35 - 3

[Complete] liljay003's results Empty
PostSubject: [Complete] liljay003's results   [Complete] liljay003's results Icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 5:07 pm

Tester : Vongola-x
Tested Member : liljay003

Decks Used
Vongola-x : Gadget Fortress - Geartown - Relinquished
liljay003 : Blackwings - GB - Spellcasters

Result : 12/17

Decks Build : 3/5

The first deck had 49 cards silent

Knowledge : 2/5

did not now reapers discard eff, the BIGGEST mistake was that you thought that you can use the effect of a GB monster thought he was destroyed, made mistakes with his own cards....

Strategy : 2/5

BW deck with 49 cards is a BIG mistake, get the breaker out he is only a hindrance, Eatos for GB???? no use, when you had test tiger + 1 GB monster + chariot face-down and bestieari in you hand and I had only cyber valley on the field, you should have used test tiger to summon murmillo and destroyed valley (not chariot), then used chariot to counter my gorz and bestiari in reserve for a fusion summon....

Attitude :2/2

Good attitude, friendly...

Tested Member's Points : 12/17
Tested Member's Dorm : Blackrose Violet

[Complete] liljay003's results Lnoir
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Yuri Bakura
DUTD 2nd Runner-Up
DUTD 2nd Runner-Up
Yuri Bakura

Male Posts : 560
DUA Points : 3244
Reputation : 21
Age : 24
Join date : 2009-12-22
Location : Malaysia, KL

Duelist Information
Duelist Level: 2
[Complete] liljay003's results Left_bar_bleue99/110[Complete] liljay003's results Empty_bar_bleue  (99/110)
Win - Lose: 14 - 12

[Complete] liljay003's results Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Complete] liljay003's results   [Complete] liljay003's results Icon_minitimeFri Apr 09, 2010 11:08 am

Result Accepted At 9/APR/2010

liljay003 Entered Blackrose Violet

liljay003 can Re-Test At 10/May/2010

[Complete] liljay003's results Yuribakura
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[Complete] liljay003's results
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