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 Anti - Heal / Burn Deck

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Blackrose Violet
Blackrose Violet

Male Posts : 105
DUA Points : 272
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Age : 24
Join date : 2010-03-22
Location : Czech Republic/Prague

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Duelist Level: 2
34/110  (34/110)
Win - Lose: 14 - 17

PostSubject: Anti - Heal / Burn Deck   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:41 pm

Monsters ( 13 )

* Nurse Reficule the Fallen One x3
* Des Koala
* Stealth Bird x2
* Blast Sphere
* Lava Golem x2
* Marshmallon
* Prime Material Dragon
* Solar Flare Dragon x2

Spells ( 12 )

* Level Limit - Area B
* Giant Trunade
* Heavy Storm
* Lightning Vortex
* Swords of Revealing Light
* Mystical Space Typhoon
* Upstart Goblin x3
* Soul Taker
* Rain of Mercy x2

Traps ( 13 )

* Bad Reaction to Simochi x3
* Just Desserts
* Metal Reflect Slime
* Zoma the Spirit
* Gift Card x3
* Magic Cylinder x3
* Gravity Bind
* The Paths of Destiny x2
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Tino The Sinner

Male Posts : 210
DUA Points : 1024
Reputation : 3
Join date : 2010-03-26
Location : U.S.A.

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Duelist Level: 2
53/110  (53/110)
Win - Lose: 25 - 8

PostSubject: Re: Anti - Heal / Burn Deck   Tue Mar 30, 2010 8:51 pm

wouldnt it be good to run more des koala with maybe a morphing jar
i really dont like lava golem easy to get rid off
doesnt prime material cancel out all your burn effects?
i would run three soul takers
there are better alternatives to rain of mercy
do u really need three nurses and three bad reactions
metal reflect slime and zoma seem kind of random
why not run 3 the paths of destiny
you can only have 1 magic cylinder, its limited
also if you have a deck with 40 cards you can make three of them upstart goblin

Last edited by tino on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:07 am; edited 1 time in total
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Stardust Cyan
Stardust Cyan

Male Posts : 189
DUA Points : 1181
Reputation : 3
Age : 30
Join date : 2010-02-17
Location : San Antonio, Tx

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Duelist Level: 1
83/100  (83/100)
Win - Lose: 13 - 5

PostSubject: Re: Anti - Heal / Burn Deck   Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:20 am

I personally prefer Chain burn since its quicker...

I have to agree with tino though; You could use some different tech in the deck to get the same effect or make it move along a bit quicker.

Dunno though...reverse burn decks are ok, but you have to build then pretty solid so they run effectively.

You could try adding tomato's to search out nurse faster. Take out PMD, since it isn't really needed in the deck. Cylinder already mentioned by Tino..drop to one.
If you run control more you can drop a few of your techs for more burn cards like dimension wall, more deserts (yum...^.^) ,or more zoma's to use as defense and burn.

More less the reason I don't care for reverse burn though..is because without speed like you get with chain burn..you have to partially sit back at points in the match and that gives you opponent turns to draw into destruction cards to ruin your strategy.

One version I've seen with reverse burn with reficule, is to give yourself a heads up..use cards like eye of truth to burn and see your opponents hand. Probably ask yourself..why is that important? Well..if u run eye of truth + maybe mind on air (searchable with tomato), you can run things like mind crush or D.D designators to cherry pick from your opponents hand what could hurt you and prevent him from using it against you while you w8 for your big burn cards and stalling.

I would maybe look into some different kinds of builds and try to sub cards for those; see how that works out for you. GL
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PostSubject: Re: Anti - Heal / Burn Deck   

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Anti - Heal / Burn Deck
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